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Sunday, April 11, 2010


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kia bia

not YOU, DOC NINA!!! YOU let that baby eat off the floor :-)?!?!? seriously, you're scaring me about jumping into the land of two babies! the closer the time comes to "get busy", the more nervous i get about what comes next... thanks. j/k -- sorta.


I couldn't help but nod my head in an approving manner while I read this entire entry!!


Wow!!! The reality of having two children. My first son is 10 months old, and already baby #2 is on the way. I believe anyone with two kids will definitely understand why your daughter is eating off the floor. I sometimes find myself overwhelmed and exhausted, so I allow my son 5 minutes of "free time" just so I can relax my swollen feet. *Sigh* Motherhood, it's so amazing, but difficult at times.


At least I know its not just me trying to catch up every day. Some days I feel as if I will never ever catch up. I now remember the days in my young teenage years when I said I had no time. What was I thinking. I didnt know what busy was. Playing Mommy for two, full time working mommy, full time wife, housekeeper, side hobby of making gift arrangements and all the little issue that pile up with time make me wonder what watching a full movie with no interruptions would feel like again.


LOL! My second is only 4 months so I am still adjusting to having 2 kids but I so agree with you! Great post!

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