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Sunday, February 28, 2010


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I can relate to this post on so many different levels. Thank you for posting this!


At least you only have one kid there...I've got 2!!! And by the time the munchkin is ready to start, you know that tuition will have increased... But all that aside, I am happy that we met and that we and our girls gave been friends over the last 4 years. Stuff like that is priceless!!!


I have nominated you for a beautiful blogger award!

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Your post is great. I recently graduated school and had my first child. I can totally relate to the tuition increase. Hopefully it decreases by the time my 2 year old makes it to college.

Nicolle B.

I can kind of relate. Our daycare is like that. We have parents pull up with Range Rovers and Porsches and then people like us (mid range) and then some with crappers that get assistance with paying for daycare. It's really strange, but I try to just worry about my kids, so I don't get caught up in what so and so has. Its hard though because we used to own a home and now we rent an apartment. I know what you are talking about with an apartment. We have small kids and with the carpet its got stains, dark stains. My house is in no way dirty the carpet just makes it look like that. I feel like I can't have my in laws over because they live in a NICE house.

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