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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


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LOL!! Well, it's unfortunate, but someone has to be picked last. It's lucky that it was the kid that wouldn't be so emotionally damaged by it that she's blogging about it as an adult mother of two. ;-)


I was usually close to last picked, too. I'm not very athletic, but I was more athletic than kids who got picked before me. Looking back on it, it would have helped if I had cared whether anyone picked me or not. Maybe your daughter is like I was. I just spent so much time by myself, reading a book or day-dreaming that the rest of the kids didn't think of me any more than I thought of them.

Maybe it was a problem, but I didn't care at all at the time.


I can 100% relate to what you're feeling as I am in a very similar situation. The only difference is that my daughter is in preschool and I didn't expect to have to deal with these issues until much later. My honest guess as to why your daughter was picked last is because she's shy. I am glad it didn't seem to phase her but since it's happened twice, you may want to speak to her about it if it happens again.


It's quite overwhelming at times how much these little people force us to look at our own insecurities and fears. I've been working on teaching my son not to get caught up on what other people think of him. But 80% of the time it's really a lesson for me.
What would you have said if she was upset about being last?


I was always 1 of the last kids picked in elementary school doing sports because I hated sports & was horrible at it. I guess the other kids knew. That's great that it didn't phase her.

Lorie Shewbridge

I, too, was pretty much the last one picked because I was tall and skinny - not very athletic and really didn't care about sports. But it still hurt... I'm so glad it doesn't bother your daughter.
But I'm sending you big hugs because of those mean ole brats who are nasty to your daughter - they deserve a kick in the pants!!


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