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Sunday, December 13, 2009


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Mom to Two Boys

I've learned not to jump on bandwagons. I had the same issues with my 2 kids as you described. First one breastfed like a dream. Second on was a nightmare and in the end, I used formula, not only for my baby's well being but mine too. I really don't like the phrase "breast milk is best" because not only does that phrase depend on each persons individual circumstances but now the nutritional benefit/risk factors of either. I kid you not. All you have to do is google "breast milk" and "toxins" may (or may not) be surprised to see the studies that have shown unsafe levels of toxins in breast milk, depending on where you live. So maybe in some circumstances breast milk is best and in others formula is best. Mothers have enough to deal with, nevermind judgement from other mothers. Keep an open mind. Every situation is different.


I saw the press release announcing the landmark decision against Mead Johnson and it made me think of Nestle. WHen profits are the bottom line companies are at times driven to omit information or change it to suit their needs.

I do hope people start to save and use the discount/generic brands. Formula is super expensive and the large companies keep it that way on purpose.

Breast is best for every baby, but may not be beast for every situation.

Thanks for posting, I enjoyed.


Well, I will NEVER need this information. I'm done! LOL!! However, I do have a co-worker that is expecting (Baby Shower tomorrow!!) so I will forward this information on to her! :-) Thanks for sharing.


A big thank you to my pediatrician(sp?) who told us this long ago! It's good that the news is finally getting out there!

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